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I Got My Tight Pants On

I stumbled upon this video a couple weeks ago and couldn’t stop watching this hilarious skit by Will Ferrel and Jimmy Fallon on his Late Night Show that I just had to share with y’all. The premise of the funny bit was over who wore the tightest pants in town first, way back in the day when nickel and dime stores like Woolworth still existed. 

Now in this day and age, the nickel and dime store has evolved into places like Wal-Mart and you know what…. they too now sell skinnys. So you know what that means right? The skinny jean has come to its end on the trend curve. These nut-huggers have become the norm, you wear them, I wear them, the average joe wears them and even your pops too, well some do. But, the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter who started the trend or where it is on the trend cycle, it’s how you wear it. Now in this case, which style do you like better? Jimmy or Will’s?? Who should win the title of the tightest pants in the land?

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